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Career Opportunities

The U.S. Probation Office for the District of SC is recruiting for the following positions:


Employment Info:

Officer Positions

The minimum requirements are a bachelor's degree and two years of specialized experience; an advanced degree is preferred. Officers are classified as hazardous duty, invoking certain mandates:

  • Appointment must occur prior to the applicant's 37th birthday since retirement is mandatory upon reaching age 57.
  • A medical exam and drug test is required prior to appointment.
  • Random urinalyses occur during an officer's career.
  • Appointment requires approval of the federal judges in our district.¬†
  • Appointments are provisional until a favorable background investigation is conducted by the Offices of Personnel Management (OPM).
  • Reinvestigations by OPM occur during an officer's career at five-year intervals.
  • Officers are required to attend a six-week training course at the Federal Probation and Pretrial Academy in Charleston, SC.

Non-Officer Positions

Various support, administrative, and IT positions are advertised as vacancies occur and minimum requirements are contingent on the respective duties and responsibilities.