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Additional Questions Asked by Vendors

  1. Would you please send me the RFP in a format where I can type in Background Statements, etc. This is not user friendly. There is no fillable form. Please print the form and complete. Then, scan all documents to include attachments into one pdf and email to me.
  2. J-1 Do I fill this page out now? Yes.
  3. Do I send the proposal by mail with attachments? We would prefer that you email your proposal. If you choose to mail your proposal, that is fine. Please make sure it is received by the deadline of August 3, 2020.
  4. I notice the contract our agency will bid on does not include residential inpatient services. Is our agency able to bid on that service? Solicitations are prepared based on needs identified by treatment specialists in their areas. You may bid on any solicitations that you are able to provide services.
  5. I am unable to input data into the form online. Do contacts need printed off and mailed in or can they be uploaded electronically? The solicitations are not fillable forms. They will need to be printed and completed. You do not need to mail it in. Please scan into one PDF and return to me via email.
  6. I do not see anything about PPG examinations or treatment evaluations with psychological assessment in the solicitation. Can we offer those services? The solicitations list services needed for the catchment area which were identified by the treatment specialists. If the service is not listed in the solicitation, it is not needed.
  7. Do we need to propose polygraphs at our site? There is a separate solicitation for polygraph services.
  8. Do we have to propose that we will do urine drug screens as a part of our bid? The solicitations list services needed for the catchment area which were identified by the treatment specialists. If the service is not listed in the solicitation, it is not needed.
  9. Is it possible to obtain an approximate number of how many federal probationers that require treatment for sexual behavior are in our area? Each solicitation indicates an estimated monthly quantity (EMQ) of services needed.
  10. I do not have monitoring reports. Don’t you have a copy? Do I have to submit them with the proposal since you already have a copy? Yes. You should have received a copy. Please submit as the instructions advise to make your proposal complete and technically acceptable.
  11. Do I have to submit bids for different locations all at once or can I send these in as I complete them? You can send proposals in any time before the deadline. They must be received by 5:00 p.m. on August 3, 2020.
  12. I do not provide psychiatric evaluations or physical examinations. I remember this being addressed at the bidders’ conference -does that mean that I cannot bid at all since I do not provide those services? Yes. You have to be able to provide all services listed in the proposal.
  13. Do we need a wet signature, or can it be electronic if we were able to convert the form into a fillable adobe document? A wet signature is not required. An electronic signature must be the electronic version of the signature and not just a typed name or /s/. Also, please be advised if you convert the form to a fillable adobe, it must contain all information in the same format as if you printed it.
  14. How detailed do we need to be about the counselor’s primary duties and experience? Can we just put years of experience? And what are they looking for as duties? Please refer to instructions in Section L (see below).
    Preparation of Staff Qualifications - (Attachment C)
    The offeror shall prepare and submit the OFFEROR'S STAFF QUALIFICATION FORM (see Attachment C) for all staff performing services under any resultant contract. The offeror shall include the name, title, duties that will be performed under any resultant agreement by numeric project code, education, experience, and credentials (licenses and certifications) for all proposed staff members who will be performing services under any resultant agreement. In addition, the offeror shall certify that no proposed staff members are under investigation for or charged with a criminal offense and/or under pretrial, probation, parole, mandatory release or supervised release (federal, state, or local). The Offeror shall also certify that no proposed staff members have been convicted of any sexual offense (including but not limited to child pornography offenses, child exploitation, sexual abuse, rape, or sexual assault) or are required under federal, state or local law to register on the Sexual Offender registry. Attachment C shall also be prepared for all proposed subcontractor staff performing services. Offerors providing sex-offense specific evaluations must certify on the Offeror’s Staff Qualification Form (Attachment C) that the evaluator adheres to the established ethics, standards and practices of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA).
  15. What names should I add to the lines in the second paragraph of Attachment A (Offeror’s Certification of Compliance Statement)? If you do not have a subcontractor, please use the company name in both places (lines).
    If you have a subcontractor, use the company name that you are contracting with on the first line and the subcontractor name on the second line because it states they will provide the mandatory requirements in Sections C, E, F and G, etc.
  16. Are the services provided in M005 for mental health only services (i.e., not sex offense-specific) and the services in M021 for sex offense-specific services? Yes.
  17. Project Code 6010 (M005) and 6012 (M021)- Individual Counseling: The EMQ is 55 (M005) and 28 (M021). To make sure I’m understanding clearly, this would be 55/28 30-minute sessions?  Yes, ESTIMATED per month. So one hour therapy sessions would be two units? YES. Would two notes be required for one one-hour session since the EMQ is for 30-min sessions?  You would have to complete the monthly treatment log with times and then prepare the Monthly Treatment Report.
  18. Project Code 6020-Group Counseling. The EMQ is 8 (M005). Does that mean only 4 1-hour groups each week? EMQs are estimated monthly quantities.
  19. Project Code 1202 (M005-Client Transportation Expenses. I read the description for it being for unemployed persons under supervision in which no public transportation is available and is based on the JTR but I’m still confused. Do we propose a dollar amount for this or is it whatever the JTR is? NO, it is actual cost.
  20. Project Code 1501-Administrative Fee. Is this 5% of all billing or only that collected from the persons under supervision? This is 5% of copayments collected from persons under supervision.